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welp!! lmaoo i want y'all to know these lil posts are not always typed out before. as i'm sitting here trying to reflect on the year i have a lot of amazing firsts under my belt. i did my first background tv acting job, i found a management team for my modeling career, i assistant directed and directed projects, as well as performing in some, and i spent time with folks i love. but through it all, i was so scared. imposter syndrome was and is currently getting the best of me. i think a lot about the industry i've chosen to enter and how i'm going to navigate it once i graduate; about how much of it is about selling your art and therefore a piece of you. whether you think the deal you've made is righteous or not it's a deal at the end of the day.

i've always created with the intention of centering queer black girls and femmes and the complexities that come with our livelihoods. i plan to continue to do that. i really do believe the only way to create your best art is to be as truthful as possible. i've always been truthful, but i've also been careful. so here's to more unapologetic truth. here's to all the black queer feminine love, strength, sadness, rage, confusion, and everything in between. i'm still very soft at heart, but i'm simply not interested in softening myself for anyone anymore.

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